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White Knight Leo by dj-neko White Knight Leo by dj-neko
Leo! He's another cool character from Lunar: Eternal Blue ^_^ Fanart
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orjoowan-art Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2008  Professional General Artist
wow he is realy cool ^^
Umi-Mizukori-Sagara Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2007
Leo/Mystere: Best Character Ever.
Almost ties with Ghaleon.

:3 Love the pic! x3 -favorites-
Taniadragon Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2005  Hobbyist
Ooh, I love this pic of Leo! He does look a bit more innocent or less harsh than usual. But he was really only like that in the beginning, by the end he'd softened up a bit. Definately an excellent pic. I just with his twitchy ears or something. XD
NeophyteRonin Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2005
Haven't seen so many Lunar fan arts lately.

And by the way... I'm trying to simulate John Truit's voice of Ghaleon for a major project my brother and I have been working on (in Macromedia Flash), and I got to say: going by the outtakes alone is painful, but fun and downright hilarious.

And this picture is pretty good. It doesn't quite grab the harshness you'd normally see on Leo's face, though. Put the Mystere mask on and give him a goofy grin, and that's the only time he doesn't look harsh or serious.
Rahal-Stmin Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2005
IT'S LEO!!! *:drool:s at the L2EB artwork: SQUEEE!!!!!
Overall, I love this pic 'cept for one thing, his smile, it strikes me as odd for some reason, maybe it's just cause he never seems to smile in the game, least, not when he's not wearing that mask....

Leo is funny, though I prefer Ghaleon, he's cooler, and John Truit voices him superbly in the PS remakes :D
Untotenkonig Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2004   Writer
:faint: Artwork of Leo! Definately my favorite character from the game, and here I was worried that the only pictures of Leo I would see outside the game were my own...

Excellent work! I love this! :glomp:
CapriciousLunatic Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2004
Ooooh...Nice! Leo is my favorite EB character...Heheh :D He's sezzy.
dj-neko Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2004
He's sezzy indeed! He's such a man beast! XD
AtsuiChokoreto Featured By Owner May 29, 2004
Hey! I love this! I think his fangs make him look sexy.. I love Leo. His voice, his twitchy ears... Everything. Awesome pic!
mistake Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2003
aw, i love the shading and his innocent expression. i just want to give him a huge.
DarkZoneGraphics Featured By Owner May 21, 2003  Professional Traditional Artist
Christ...I remember when that game first came out and was released on the Sega CD!
rudiichuu Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2002
Now all he needs is a little party mask..

Yes. Love Leo. He's definately my favroite character out of that game.. him and Ronfar are quite the pair. ^_^ Love the coloring, too, very smooth. :D (Big Grin)
kayikoni Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2002
*-* WOW this is awsome!!!!!!!! i love Leo, i just got into the game, and i think he might be my fav one in it!! ::bounces:: you have a bunch of nice work here =d might have to comment on them all!!
PoliteYetPeculiar Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2002  Professional Digital Artist
Still haven't played Lunar 2. It looks like a "must play" though. :3 The outfit looks great, and the horn and the fangs are shibby. He's a sesay blue-haired bishie beast.
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September 11, 2002
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